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Autopilot Features Model A-1510 Model A-1500
Fluid filled flux gate compass optional yes
NMEA 0183 flux gate compass input yes optional
Maximum flux gate compass roll / pitch 35 degrees 45 + degrees
Flux gate compass autodeviation compensation yes yes
Compass supports local magnetic variation yes yes
Compass A-fault adjustment yes yes
Gyro compass input optional optional
Largest crystal clear wide angle display yes yes
Full function portable remote control head option yes, w/ bracket yes, w/ bracket
Simple 4 keypad menu display yes yes
Single function keys yes yes
Simultaneous display of course set and course steered yes yes
4 station capability yes yes
Built-in digital display rudder angle indicator yes yes
Control heads, compass, rudder trans., submersion proof yes yes
Distribution unit waterproof construction no, splashproof yes
Reversing pumpset motor output drive 15 Amps. 25 Amps.
Solenoid valve output yes yes
Voltage input 10 - 30 Volts 10 - 40 Volts
CE approved for EMI and RFI immunity yes yes
Adaptive NMEA 0183 Nav interface yes yes
Analog display rudder angle indicator(s) yes yes
Analog compass display rudder angle indicator yes yes
Jog lever steering interface yes yes
NMEA 0183 heading data output yes yes
Automated installation and calibration set-up yes yes
bypass valve or clutch output yes yes
Sail pilot option w/ wind vane and automatic tacking optional optional
FFU steering no yes
Rudder speed adjustment yes yes
Rudder gain, counter rudder, trim adjustments capability yes yes
Adjustable sea state (yaw) yes yes
Anti-hunt rudder deadband adjustment capability yes yes
Multiple piston pumpset yes yes
Watch alarm, local at all stations yes yes
Remote watch alarm output no yes
Pilot course alarm yes yes
Display and keypad backlighting, 4 setting adjustments yes yes
Automatic fault detection yes yes
Power steering mode w/ rudder angle indication yes yes
Dual analog outputs for control of independent twin rudders, water jets, etc. no yes
Warranty - 2 years yes yes
Quality, Reliability and Superior Performance based on 60 Years Experience.
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