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Model PF 0.3
Benefiting from over 60 years experience in the design and manufacturing of hydraulic steering systems, Autonav manufactures our own design of multiple piston swash plate pumps. These pumps have proven to be much more efficient and quieter than other manufacturers' gear pumps. Autonav pumps, designed for very low internal leakage, give faster and more accurate steering with less power consumption. Since low noise is especially important on sailboats, motor drive is variable speed with soft start and stop.

This pumpset servo drive, designed to eliminate steering system shock while ensuring accurate control, results in great extension of motor brush life. AutoNav offers a range of pumpsets for any sized vessel, and includes a range of hydraulic linear drives for vessels with mechanical steering. These linear drives provide low maintenance, long term reliability under the most severe operating conditions, total independent back-up steering and accurate control because of direct connection to the rudder. Dual speed constant running pumpsets, which offer slow speed for precise course holding and high speed for maneuverability, are also available.

Standard drive units:

  • PF 0.3 Reversing motor pumpset.
  • PF 0.3 SBP, as above, and including linear drive cylinder with bypass and reservoir.
  • PV 1.5 Reversing motor pumpset with variable volume.
  • PF 3.0 Constant running pumpset with solenoid valve control.
  • Engine-driven pumps and directional valves.

Quality, Reliability and Superior Performance based on 60 Years Experience.
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