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Introducing the AutoNav A-1500 Autopilot

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With a number of Autopilots on the market it is important to recognize that this is not "just another autopilot". Designed by Paul Wagner, whose previous designs include the well known "Wagner" Autopilots and Steering Systems, this latest model reflects 60 years of family experience. Heavy commercial grade construction provides long and reliable service. Unique features are as follows:

Fluid filled flux gate compass – Conventional flux gate compasses require heavy electronic damping due to their mechanical instability when subjected to vessel motion. This results in large deadband and delays in responding to course errors, especially under quartering seas conditions. The unique construction of the Autonav compass provides a mechanical damping which causes no delays in responding to course errors. In addition, this highly stable and fast response compass allows course errors of a small as 1/10 of a degree to be monitored, allowing rate sensing which provides very powerful and accurate control in heavy seas. The A-1500 is enjoying an increasing reputation for steering more accurately than competitive units.

Strong and long lasting construction – In keeping with our designers long tradition of solid construction, most of the major components, including compass, control head, rudder transmitter and distribution units are submersion proof.

User interface – Simple 4 keypad design with menu based display provide powerful and easy operation. Complicated multiple keypad actuations are eliminated and the resultant high contrast, super twist LCD display is the largest and most readable available in the 110 mm standard format.

Drive units – Hydraulic pumpsets are designed and manufactured by Autonav, specifically for use in autopilot systems. 60 years experience in hydraulic steering allows us to produce highly efficient and responsive multiple piston pumps which consume less battery power and provide more positive steering response than gear pumps as used by others. A very wide range of pump sizes and actuators are available to handle the largest of vessels.

Rudder Transmitters – Autonav feedback units are not only submersion proof but are rated at over 50 million operations, to survive the most difficult of applications.

Control features – Control algorithms based on 60 years of steering experience coupled with the wide range of drive units allow the A-1500 Autopilot to accurately steer vessels from 25 ft. to over 600 ft. in length. Simple sea trials calibration locks in the vessels own steering characteristics with operator changes seldom required in normal operation due to the powerful and adaptive steering algorithms.

Compass input – Flux gate, fluid compass sensors and interface to all known Gyro compasses as well as NMEA 0183 heading data is provided.

Sailboats – Wind vane heading information coupled with highly efficient piston pump driven linear actuators make the A-1500 ideally suited for sailing vessel. Large, custom made drive units are our specialty.

Accessories – Full follow up and non follow up (Jog) steering levers, rudder angle indicators and hand held full function remotes may all be used with the A-1500.

For a truly unique autopilot, built to traditionally heavy duty standards, and backed with 60 years of "know how", the Autonav A-1500 is hard to beat. For further information, telephone or fax us for a fast and knowledgeable response.

Note: Service and parts for older Wagner Autopilots, as made by the former Wagner Engineering, are available through the original designer, Paul Wagner. Contact Autonav for further details.

Quality, Reliability and Superior Performance based on 60 Years Experience.
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