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Fluid Filled Flux Gate Compass ... for Optimum Stability

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Fluid Filled Flux Gate Compass
AutoNav's Unique Fluid-Damped Flux Gate Compass Offers Unmatched Stability and Instantaneous Course Correction.

The compass, due to its direct effect on course accuracy, is the most important part of any autopilot. An unstable compass will cause unnecessary rudder movements allowing the vessel to fall off course. The Autonav Flux Gate compass achieves steady course holding accuracy through the use of a fluid damped gimbal system which is designed to absorb vessel heel angles up to an exceptional 45 degrees! Conventional flux gate compasses lack this stability forcing manufacturers to use excessive electronic damping which slows autopilot response to course errors resulting in the user turning the pilot off in heavy weather...just when it is needed the most.

Autonav's digital signal processing and rate of course change algorithms enable responsive performance especially in quartering seas. The Autonav compass can be used in the heaviest of seas and in high magnetic latitudes ... in all the places where normal flux gate compasses fail to perform. Autonav's state of the art automatic compass deviation technology can automatically correct compass deviation errors, so compass readout and steering performance are perfectly accurate on all headings. The flux gate compass unit is waterproof to allow greater installation options which helps in finding a suitable mounting location away from magnetic interference caused by electronics, steel machinery, tanks, and motors.

Easy-Mounting Sensor...

On large vessels, and frequently on steel vessels, it is preferred to use the vessels magnetic compass for the autopilot. Our CI 200 sensor can be mounted to the vessels compass and will provide very stable heading references for the autopilot.

Gyro Interface for Accuracy and Stability ...

On large vessels, a gyro compass is often used to obtain the utmost in heading accuracy and stability. We can provide a Gyro interface to connect NMEA 0183 heading data, and stepper or synchro heading data, for transmission to the autopilot.

Quality, Reliability and Superior Performance based on 60 Years Experience.
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