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Design Improvements Enhanced by 60 Years of Experience

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In 1936, William Wagner invented the world's first manual hydraulic steering system for small vessels. Today after decades of evolutionary refinements, William's son, Paul Wagner, has designed the state of the art Series 2000 manual hydraulic steering systems. AutoNav hydraulic steering systems are globally recognized by many to be the "best and most reliable in the industry". Innovative features, precision manufacturing, advanced materials design and robust commercial grade construction ensures Series 2000 performance under all demanding sea conditions.


  • Self-aligning, self-lubricating cylinder bearings
  • Simple two-line system
  • High strength, built to exceed industry standards, e.g. Lloyd's, ABS, etc.
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Power steering and autopilot accessories
  • Pumps and cylinders for vessels from 20' (6 m) to over 100' (31 m).
  • Automatic isolation of feedback from rudder loads
  • Automatic isolation of autopilot/power steering
  • Automatic isolation of extra helm stations
Quality, Reliability and Superior Performance based on 60 Years Experience.
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