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AutoNav's New Helm Pump Features:
  • Floating Pintle, design for smooth, easy operation.
  • Minimum wheel effort due to reduced friction.
  • Reduced wheel slippage due to finer machining tolerance.
  • Spill valve for rapid filling and elimination of pressure locking (stiffness in wheel).
  • Cartridge valve design allows on-board service and repair of internal valves.
  • Axial piston pump with "swash plate" construction for smooth efficient operation.
  • Heavy duty "lip" design shaft seal provides longer life than typical "O-ring" seals.
  • Precision machining eliminates internal working seals to provide long maintenance free life.
  • Large integral reservoir, vented to atmosphere, compensates for oil expansion.
  • Cartridge lock valves at each helm automatically isolate stations, autopilot and power steering loads to eliminate rudder feedback.
  • Helms not in use do not turn, regardless of steering loads.
  • Internal relief valves to protect against rudder and wheel overloads.
  • Five pump sizes offer correct wheel turns for all types and sizes of vessels.
  • Bleed valves at each pump allow for air venting, faster filling.
  • Epoxy-coated anodized marine aluminum provides maximum corrosion resistance.
Quality, Reliability and Superior Performance based on 60 Years Experience.
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