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Innovative Cylinder Design Offers Flexibility and Versatility!

A range of eight cylinders allows you to select in single or in pairs, to handle single or multiple rudders on vessels to over 100' (30m).

The smaller 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" models have hard black anodized aluminum construction for corrosion resistance and lightweight. The larger 2" and 3" models utilize brass and bronze material. All models are designed for strength in excess of standards required by ABS, Lloyd's, etc. AutoNav's cylinders feature:
  • Self-aligning, self-lubricating mounting bearings to minimize maintenance and allow easy installation.
  • Teflon-based dynamic seals to reduce friction and wear, ensuring smooth long life operation.
  • Teflon bearing liners eliminate internal metal-to-metal contact to reduce wear and provide improved efficiency.
  • Rod wiper seals to eliminate wear and contamination from salt or debris in the steering compartment.
Quality, Reliability and Superior Performance based on 60 Years Experience.
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