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William Wagner pioneered designs of the world's first manual hydraulic steering system for small vessels in 1936.

Paul Wagner carries on his father's innovative work. He supervises all design work with precision and attention to detail to ensure superior performance.

Autonav Marine Systems Inc. designs and manufactures manual hydraulic and electrohydraulic steering systems, their electronic controls and monitoring systems as well as a range of autopilots suitable for vessels from 18 feet (5M) to over 1000 feet (300M) in length. Rudder Roll Stabilization and Ride Control for fast vessels is available as a result of the latest ship dynamics algorithms being integrated with our steering and autopilot systems. Electro-hydraulic steering systems incorporate more than sixty years of accumulated Wagner family experience in marine steering systems.

A full range of marine electronics, navigation and communication systems are also available for vessels of all sizes. Products ranging from automatic pilots, network instrumentation, marine computers, high brightness flat panel displays, dynamic positioning systems, integrated vessel control systems, voyage recorders and machinery alarm control systems form the basis of advanced Autonav integrated network systems.

The manual hydraulic steering system Series 2000 emphasizes light weight yet strong and corrosion free construction including the use of bronze and chrome plated stainless steel materials with self lubricating corrosion free bearings, to provide long and trouble free service.

Electrohydraulic steering systems conforming to all regulatory approvals utilize modular construction to provide cost effective and custom engineered designs to suit any application, all at very economical cost and fast delivery. A range of non-follow-up (time dependent) and full follow-up lever, wheel and portable steering controllers as well as follow-up amplifiers with rate control or proportional control outputs having unique isolation circuitry provide simple and highly responsive implementation of "single fault failure" survivability.

Ultra quiet pumpsets for Naval and Research vessels have been developed offering previously unattainable low noise, high speed and highly accurate steering control. With our knowledge of steering system design including past and present construction techniques, we are able to efficiently upgrade old steering systems to provide improved reliability and performance.

Our many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and interconnecting different makes of autopilots and steering systems provides a competent single source of responsibility for integration of complete systems.

Quality, Reliability and Superior Performance based on 60 Years Experience.
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