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Model A-1500

Model A-1510

The distribution unit encompasses the microprocessor controller, the servo drive circuit and interconnection terminals for the autopilot. Navigational input from GPS, DGPS or plotters via NMEA 0183 heading data is accepted. Optional interfaces to a PC for computer remote control and monitoring of the autopilot is also available.

A unique software set up routine provides automatic correction of reversed pumpset and rudder transmitter connections for easy installation. The easily upgradable software is programmed with the capability to handle vessels from 25' (8M) to over 600' (183M). This capability, coupled with the wide range of drive units AutoNav offers, can adapt to a wide range of sizes and types of vessels. A unique synthesized "Ghost Rudder" circuit proven in over 15 years of service, allows operation without the use of a rudder transmitter, if desired. The benefits of this synthesized feedback is reduced cost, simplified installation and autopilot control on vessels where it is impossible to mount a rudder transmitter.

RFU 25

RFU 50

RFU 75

The A-1500 distribution unit is designed for larger yachts and workboats due to its performance, versatility and ruggedness. The A-1510 distribution unit is more compact, with fewer accessories and options, and suitable for vessels with lower drive requirements.

The Model RFU 25 is waterproof in construction and its transducer life is rated at over 50 million rudder movements. The rudder linkage is self-aligning, self-lubricating, corrosion resistant and easily adjustable to varying lengths. It is suitable for small vessels with rudder stocks up to 3" (75 mm) in diameter.

The Model RFU 50 has similar characteristics to the RFU 25, but is in a larger housing with double lip water seals. It is suitable for rudder stocks up to 6" (150 mm) in diameter.

The Model RFU 75 is made of an epoxy powder coated heavy marine aluminum casting. It has a spare rudder transmitter and limit switches which make it suitable for use on large vessels or with electronic steering control systems on vessels with rudder stocks up to 14" (350 mm) in diameter.


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