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Code Description
Rudder Arrangement A - Single rudder
B - Twin rudder
C - Other arrangement
Control System Type A - Manual hydraulic
B - Manual hydraulic with solenoid valve
C - Solenoid valve
D - Full follow up hydraulic control
E - Proportional valve
F - Variable volume pump control
G - Orbitrol type
Pumpset Type A - Engine or auxiliary drive
B - Electric motor drive
C - Combination of A and B
D - Other combination

Typical System Configuration

Typical Components
  Model Description Size (mm)
Modular Components MCA100 Bridge control and alarm panel. Starts and stops pump sets, indicates control power available, motor power available, motor run and failure alarms for control power failure, motor power failure, motor overload, phase failure, low oil and alarm failure. Includes alarm test, silence button and dimmer. 192 x 192
MCA101 As above but USGC approval 192 x 192
MA100 Starter and alarm panel similar to MCA100/101 less motor start-stop control, for machinery space installation 192 x 192
MS100 Mode and station selector. Selects FFU, NFU or autopilot control and selects up to four steering stations. Dimmed by MCA100/101 192 x 96
NFU100 Duplicate non-follow-up steering controller 96 x 96
NFU101 Duplicate non-follow-up push button controller 96 x 96
NFU200 Heavy Duty Duplicate non-follow-up steering controller 110 x 110
LFU100 Lever follow-up controller 192 x 96
MP151 Digital autopilot control panel 192 x 96
Non-Modular Components PFU101 Knob follow-up controller
WFU100 Wheel follow-up controller
LCB100A Local control and bridge disconnect. Isolates bridge control and provides local emergency control of steering gear for NFU systems and provides interface for common high switched autopilots.
LCB100B As above, but with common low switched autopilots.
LCB101A Local control and bridge disconnect. Isolates bridge control and provides local emergency control of steering gear for FFU systems. Duplicate FFU Amplifier with interface to common high switched autopilots.
LCB101B As above with common low switched autopilots.
RFU75 Dual transmitters with dual limit switches.
RFU100 Four transmitters with dual limit switches.
Panorama RAI Large diameter rudder angle indicator with three faces for visibility throughout entire wheelhouse and bridge wings.
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