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Model PA2-44-45-CB2 is rated at 44 TM torque

AutoNav's Typical 1-2 HP Pumpset

AutoNav's Typical 3-5 HP Pumpset

AutoNav's New Type P Electrohydraulic Steering System is Superior in Design, Operation and Reliability. A pair of double acting cylinders coupled to one or more tillers develop the torque necessary to move the ship's rudder. Engine-driven or electrically-driven pumpsets provide the hydraulic flow and pressure to move the rudder and hold it against rudder loads. A range of control systems generate the steering commands and monitor the system operation; thus, a complete system, from bridge to rudder, is provided with:
  • Double-acting steering cylinders with self-aligning bearings ensuring balanced rudder torque, minimum installation alignment and resistance to wear or damage caused by hull distortion.

  • Continued steering in case of single fault failure.

  • Better strength, easier servicing and greater resistance to corrosion due to elimination of cylinder tie rods.

  • Integral and adjustable rudder stops to withstand rudder overloads in excess of Rules requirements. Balanced stopping forces minimize undue rudder stock side loads, and possible overload damage. No need for expensive, less effective shipyard designed and manufactured stops. (4 TM and larger.)

  • Reduced wear and friction and improved efficiency as all metal-to-metal contact is eliminated. Designs include oversized bearings for long life.

  • Rod scraper and duplicate rod seals ensure long life.

  • Robust hydraulic circuit design is tolerant of mild contamination, thus reduces need for frequent maintenance of fine filters.

  • Pumpsets of low noise, low heat generation, and high rudder positional accuracy.

  • Horsepower limiting circuits provide substantial reductions in peak horsepower.

  • Multi-speed pumpsets and proportional pumpsets allow very fast rudder positioning with high accuracy and minimum shock.

  • Integrated controls, alarms, and motor starters for single-source responsibility.

  • Wide range of electrical, electronic and hydraulic control systems to suit any price, performance or reliability criteria.

  • Design pressure under 2000 PSI (138 Bar) for long life and minimum maintenance. (U.S. Coast Guard studies verify systems designed and operated at pressures under 2000 PSI have over 8 times the reliability of higher pressure systems.)

  • Custom designs for all rudder angles from 2 x 25 degrees to 2 x 65 degrees.

  • Approvable by all regulatory societies (ABS, LR, USCG, BV, GL, KR, DNV, etc.)

  • Standardized and modular designs ensure rapid delivery.

  • Products backed by 60 years of manufacturing, design and installation experience.

Quality, Reliability and Superior Performance based on 60 Years Experience.
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