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Radial Carrier Bearing and Packing Gland as Installed

This combination radial, carrier bearing and packing gland is integrated into the steering gear tiller, and provides a very compact and minimum maintenance arrangement. Side loads from the rudder, and weight of the rudder and rudder stock, are taken up by large area self-lubricating proprietary synthetic bearing liners. On installation, and occasionally thereafter, a small amount of greasing is sufficient to provide low friction and minimal wear. This unique bearing material has been tested in many installations for over 14 years, with no bearing replacement necessary so far. Eventual replacement is very easy, as the bearing liner is easily removed and replaced without the use of heavy hydraulic presses or jacks.

The packing gland protects against sea water intrusion and has large, easy to access gland ports. All parts exposed to sea water are made of stainless steel and manganese bronze. Scoring, bearing damage and high friction, as experienced with bronze bearing liners, is eliminated. The compact design allows fitting in extremely restricted steering compartments.

Features of Control System

A wide range of controls are available from simple manual hydraulic to the most sophisticated electronic types providing extremely high rudder positional accuracy at high rudder rates.

Control System Features
A Manual hydraulic provides simple and reliable main control for small vessels.
B Manual hydraulic with non-follow up power steering provides reliable manual control with power assist for maneuvering and autopilot.
C Direct solenoid valve control provides power steering via non-follow up or full follow up electronic controls plus autopilot interface. Rate control and HP limiting available.
D Hydraulic telemotor power steering provides simple and reliable full follow up hydraulic power steering with automatic changeover to manual hydraulic backup and features motion storage, continuous acceleration and deceleration, and autopilot interface.
E Proportional valve control provides continuous acceleration and deceleration with high rudder position accuracy.
F Reversible flow variable volume pump control with proportional or servo valve input for continuous acceleration and deceleration with high rudder position accuracy.
G Orbitrol type provides inexpensive wheel power steering with limited manual hydraulic back-up.

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