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Type and Length of Vessel: Power

metres feet
Top Speed of Vessel: knots
Type of PC Required:
* Every Autonav PC is preloaded with a special "autopilot enabled" version of CAPN First Mate navigation softwre, as well as a coupon for redeeming the Softchart regional chart of your choice.
Sportboat PC
Sportboat PC w/ 12 channel GPS
Micro Captain PC
Micro Captain Pro PC
Custom PC
Number of Display Stations Required:
* In order to drive all displays at optimal resolution settings, specify similar size monitors for all stations.
Specify if touch screen option is required.
6.5" daylight 6.5" sunlight
12" daylight 12" sunlight
15" daylight 15" sunlight
(specify) daylight (specify) sunlight
Voltage: 12 VDC
110 VAC
Select Accessories: GPS Antenna
DGPS Antenna
Waterproof Color Camera
Waterproof B&W Camera
Waterproof Infared Camera
4:1 VGA Amplifier / Mutiplexer
USB Serial Port Adapter
NMEA Serial Multiplexer
Smart UPS Power Backup
250 Watt Inverter
300 Watt Inverter
600 Watt Inverter
Port Panel
Second Station Extender - 250 ft.
Second Station Extender - 500 ft.
Marble Mouse
Wireless Mouse
Wireless Keyboard
Waterproof Mouse"
Waterproof Keyboard
Select Software: Microsoft Windows Operating System
CAPN Voyager Charting Software
Nobeltec Visual Navigation Suite
Nautical Software Chartview
Jeppensen Marine Map
Ray Tech Navigator
Maptech Cruising Navigator
Net Sea Max Sea Navigator
Microsoft Office Package
Autonav Engine Monitoring Package
Autonav Instrumentation Package
Autonav Autopilot Control Package
Autonav Video Monitoring Package
Coretex Weather Fax
Communications Cellular
Radar - Sitex / Koden
Radar Interface - Canstar
Sonar - Interphase forward looking scanning sonar
What PC Applications are Required? Charting — ECS
3D Bathymetric Charting
Radar — w/ overlay
Video Monitoring
Weatherfax / Tides / Currents
Communications — local email / fax - wireless cellular modem
offshore email / fax - inmarsat modem
Engine Monitoring
Geographic Area of Vessel Usage:
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